History About IOB


East Timor Institute of Business (IOB) is an institution of high quality and excellence in Higher Education created by the Klibur Mata Dalan ba Coopertiva Foundation in Fila Liman and established on the 20th of August 2002 with headquarters at Rua Praia dos Coqueiros (former -Pertamina) Dili and with concentration in the areas of economics, business and computer technology.

The IOB achieved a very high score, both nationally and internationally, in the accreditation by the Government of RDTL through the Ministry of Education in 2009, based on the evaluation made by the Independent International Commission appointed by the World Bank, through 7 academics from 6 countries different, of the most categorized in the world.

The IOB is located on three campuses in the city of Dili: Campus A at Rua 6 de Setembro Akadiruhun, Campus B at Rua Praia dos Coqueiros, and Campus C at Rua Manleuana Fomento 2, Comoro.

The total number of students registered in 2014 is 3700 university students at the academic levels of bachelor's, degree and master's and with a very active and dynamic connection with public and private universities in Australia, Indonesia and other ASEAN countries.

The major public and private national institutions in Timor-Leste have IOB graduates in their ranks, occupying top and leadership positions, such as in the Central Bank of Timor-Leste, National Parliament, Ministries, State Secretaries, NGO, institutions institutions, universities, higher schools, private companies and cooperatives.

IOB is the largest private higher education institution in Timor-Leste and is the only higher education institute that brings together all its resources in the respective areas of Economics and Business and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It has more than 150 people who make up its faculty with an average of academic training in masters and doctorates in Australia, Indonesia and Timor-Leste.