Internal Quality Assurance (IQA-IOB)

Quality people, quality citizens and quality performance does not come easy and isolated. It must be started from somewhere by someone / some people. Proper places to start doing planning, designing and taking action plans are in education institutions such as universities, institutes and academies after primary and secondary schools.

There was immense destruction of physical infrastructures in all territories of Timor-Leste after referendum for self-determination in 1999. Turmoil, animosities, conflicts and hatred overwhelming nationwide Timor-Leste and the need for reconciliation, reconstruction and remedies were necessary. Renovating existing school buildings and construct new school buildings come along after physical and mental conflict. The awareness of renovating and establishing remnant university like UNTL and establish new private higher learning institutions in Timor-Leste was such a correspondent to the real needed for future quality people and citizens

designed to be created and produced from higher quality education institutions.

After establishing higher learning institutions and programs of study they offered, initially there was no internal or external auditors, supervisors, advisers, experts, consultancies, etc. Then it was just a matter of the national awareness that the future of the country must come from better and quality education. Agencies and instruments to testify quality deliveries and services of educators and graduates were still a dream. It took years, from 1999 to 2008 to start academic

assessment and accreditation in Timor-Leste. Then in 2008 the National Agency for Academic Assessment and Accreditation (NAAAA) started to evaluate and assess all higher learning institutions in Timor-Leste for institutional accreditation and programmatic accreditation afterwards. Some of the universities, institutes and academy were given probation status until 2013. IOB as one of the private higher learning institutions in Timor-Leste was institutionally accredited in 2008 and was awarded for 79.94% and re-accredited institutionally in 2015 whereby IOB reaches its remarkable result for 100% institutional accreditation in second circle assessment

and accreditation held by NAAAA. While programmatic accreditation of IOB is undergoing process now with the IQA-IOB officers