Public Management - Bachelor's degree

The Public Management Study Program is a higher education study at the Institute of Business (IOB) that aims to train and educate university students to become professionals and have competence as experts in management.


Become a competence-based management study program by prioritizing quality and excellence in the spirit of corporate human resources management and with high intelligence at national and international levels.


  1. Organize education that has competitive and comparative advantages with intellectual skills, critical thinking, and innovation in the field of management;
  2. Organize education so that it produces graduates who are competent in the fields of management, professionalism, enthusiasm, entrepreneurial skills, and the ability to apply ethics in professional life;
  3. Conduct research on developing this area of management and application to meet the needs of society and the challenges of the global era;
  4. organize partnerships with various government and private agencies at the national and international levels.


In general, the objective of this study is to improve the performance of the top head of the public management department in the IOB environment in Timor-Leste, such as:

  1. Produce graduates who can master, develop, and use knowledge in the field of management relevant to their needs;
  2. To produce graduates who are able to develop and promote the lives of the academic community supported by a wise and responsive scientific culture for local, regional, national, and international change;
  3. Produce research products and be able to apply them in order to be useful and beneficial for society.


  1. Have the necessary experience and skills in the area of management to manage a business organization properly;
  2. Implementation of quality learning processes that produce average graduates with a GPA with time and 100% graduates in time (4 years);
  3. 100% of these graduates enter the world of work within 6 months after graduation.
Head of the Study Program

Dejuni Henritaneo SE., MM