Economic Science and Development Study - Bachelor

The Economic Science and Development Study program is a discipline or science that is part of the science of the economy that focuses on the causes or problems of economic development in third-world countries, especially development that has been carried out before, in progress, and how it has progressed. Thus, the Economic Science and Development Study specifically studies the economies of third-world countries with the aim of increasing the prosperity and economic growth of poor countries. The Economic Science and Development Study develops and explores the science of the classical economy in response to economic development, identifies or discovers factors that hinder economic development, and guides these problems or factors to find solutions to the development of the aggregate economy in third-world countries.

Economic development is a real action or effort linked to activities to develop the economy in third-world countries in order to achieve economic prosperity and growth. Timor-Leste is a new country that is also categorized as a third-world country and has just built economic development in all aspects.


The motto of this study program is conceptor, implementer, and evaluator.

  • Conceptor: concept of economic development theory and economic phenomena contemporaneous.
  • Implementer: economic science is linked to national development.
  • Evaluator: evaluate the economic development process.


Become an excellent study program and a quality human resource preference that is analytical, critical, and innovative with ideas that are pioneers of national development.


The basis for the IOB Mission and the Faculty of Economics and Business, The Economic Science and Development Study program, plays a specific and important role in accordance with the science competencies developed through the department's mission:

  1. Establish and carry out education through economic science, which can result in qualified graduates through the process of establishing a comprehensive, mutual, and international standard learning system.
  2. Establish and implement good research or investigation and publish research or investigation results in order to develop and promote institutional and individual capacity.
  3. The establishment and dedication of the target community is the implementation of the results through research or investigation, thus developing partnership services with partners in the context of society.


Objectives of the Economic Science and Development Study, Faculty of Economics and Business, Institute of Business (IOB):

  1. Resulting in a professional, competent degree in economics, being independent, and being able to compete globally.
  2. It produces innovative expertise in aspects of research or investigation and dedication to the community based on changes in the progressivity of science and technology in order to increase the name of the study program in society, both at the national and international levels.
  3. Develop the life of the academic community and increase the entrepreneurship of the entire academic community in universities or fields on a stronger basis through scientific culture and traditions.
  4. Develop academic programs to increase the competence and professionalism of lecturers and graduates, thereby increasing or promoting independent principles in the context of performing or implementing the role of the university.


In 2022, the Economic Science and Development Study program at the Faculty of Economics and Business Institute of Business (IOB) will be a quality, excellent, and preferred study program at the Institute of Business (IOB) and at the national level to offer qualified human resources for the development of the economy of Timor-Leste with a critical, nationalistic spirit.

Learning Results Program (PLO)

  1. Learning outcomes
  2. Become an economic analyst and expert.
  3. Become an Integrated Economic Conceptor.
  4. Become Development economists.
  5. Become an educator and academic of the economy.
  6. Becoming a Resolved Individual provides an alternative to the problem of economic development.
  7. Capacity
  8. Have the conceptual capacity for economic development.
  9. Have the capacity to analyze the strategy for the sustainability of the economy.
  10. Have the capacity of the assessor of the strategic plan in relation to the Economy.
  11. Have capacity and dominate in the public and international economies.
Head of the Study Program

David Loureiro Cristovão, S.E.,M.M.