Accounting - Bachelor degree

The Accounting study program is under the Faculty of Economics and Business, namely the Economics bachelor's Program for Accounting. The objective of the Accounting Study program is to prepare professionals in the area of Accounting who have the competence of experts in Accounting to follow three pillars, namely education, community service, and research, as well as to prepare human resources that are professionals and experts in the field of Accounting to become accountants to be able to analyze transactions to produce or report finance in public and private companies as well as in public institutions, prepare human resources to become auditors and work as internal audit and external audit, and have the ability to work as financial administration.

Identity of the Accounting Study Program

 * Department: Accounting

 * Faculty: Economics and Business

 * Institution: Institute of Business (IOB)

 * Establish: August 20, 2002

 * Address: Praia Dos Coqueiros Ex - Pertamina Dili, Timor - Leste.


as a center of study that can develop knowledge, skills, professionalism, expertise, and responsibility in the field of accounting.


  1. Implement accounting education in accordance with technological advancement;
  2. Have leadership qualities and be able to implement or advance accounting in practice;
  3. Being able to use technology to transform accounting;
  4. Apply the accounting study program to carry out education, research, and volunteer work in the community;
  5. Educate graduate professionals who are experts in accounting.


  1. Prepare human resources professionals who are good experts and capable of producing or creating financial reports for the company;
  2. Assemble a human resources specialist, a knowledgeable professional with the capacity to develop an accounting information system for the business;
  3. Train human resources specialists who are proficient in accounting and qualified to conduct internal and external audits.

Program Learning Outcome

  1. Become an Accountant;
  2. Can be an auditor such as internal audit and external audit;
  3. Can analyze transactions and make financial reports in private and public companies;
  4. Can work in banks and cooperatives;
  5. Able to work in the field of Financial Administration.


  • Have the ability to become an Accountant;
  • Have the ability to be an auditor;
  • Have the ability to write or make financial reports using a computer application;
  • Have the ability to use the Computer Accounting (MYOB Accounting) program;
  • Capacity to analyze financial transactions;
  • Have the ability to evaluate financial reports.


  1. Have a better mentality, to be an accounting technique;
  2. There is a good ethic as an academic person and as an Accountant person to be able to process or perform financial demonstration.


  1. Knowing the preparation of financial reports;
  2. Understanding how to assess financial reports;
  3. Understanding how to audit both private and public enterprises;
  4. Understanding how to use a computer program or a MYOB application;
  5. Understand transaction analysis in private and governmental companies.
Head of the Study Program

Estanislau Bana, L.Ec., M.SA