Hospitality - 2-year Diploma

This department was established in November 2017 together with the Faculty and the Department of Hospitality Management. The first establishment of the department began with a feasibility study by Mr. Rui Felix Barreto Ximenes, together with the Klibur Foundation and IOB staff in Bali, Indonesia. In addition, through informal and formal discussions with lecturers from Bali Province with the aim of exchanging ideas and discussing opportunities and the future perspective of the department, some of the successful comparisons of universities and some of the Institutes in the areas of tourism and hospitality in Bali, Indonesia, Finally, open the faculty and its department. Even though this department has not yet received a programmed accreditation, it has been authorized by the Government through the ANAA Agency to carry out its educational process and then continue to evaluate it.


Become an excellent study program with creative, pro-active and innovative knowledge and skills with a high spirit of entrepreneurship in the field of hospitality.


In relation to the above vision, the hospitality department comes with its own mission in accordance with the academic pillars as follows:

  1. Develop and carry out quality professional academic systems and processes in accordance with the target of the faculty.
  2. Implement management and control systems for quality learning processes and appropriate participation in the educational process.
  3. Develop and conduct research activities involving lecturers and students to find out the problems in the hotel area.
  4. Organize and implement community service programs to empower partners and communities generally in the field of hospitality.
  5. Establish partnerships with strategic partners to improve the quality of the department's existence in Timor-Leste.
  6. To produce graduates that dominate the area of hospitality and tourism in terms of technology and training.


  1. To implement the academic system and processes of the department that are easy for students and everyone to access properly.
  2. To ensure the quality of the learning process at the department level, in accordance with the curriculum and the controlled management mechanisms.
  3. To facilitate and guarantee the quality of research with pro-active student and lecturer participation in research activities organized by the department for IOB.
  4. To empower and raise awareness among students and lecturers to be pro-active in community service activities as an extracurricular department curriculum program.
  5. To strengthen partnerships with partners to contribute to the existence of a stronger and stronger department in the education sector.


  1. Students will be completed within two years.
  2. Curriculum that has a practical orientation.
  3. Produce graduation with the following competencies.
  4. Knowledge or capacity.
  5. Skills.
  6. Attitude.

Program Learning Outcome (PLO)

  1. There are students at the department level who are satisfied because the academic service process is easier and faster.
  2. There are changes in knowledge, skills and behavior through quality learning and in accordance with the standard curriculum.
  3. There have been scientific works produced by students and lecturers through research reports, academic books and journals, and experimental products.
  4. There has been concrete action through initiatives and awareness of students and lecturers to create partners with existing community groups and in general.
  5. There are already partners who are satisfied with the presence of the department, and which result in mutual benefits for them.

Study Program

Study Program for Diploma II (D2)

The Diploma II Study Program is a study program that studies in more detail the areas of the hotel or hotel maintenance as well as outside hotels, food and drink services, food production at the Hotel or restaurant, and customer service at the restaurant, Bar, and Room.

From this the hospitality's objective is to produce competent, creative, spirit of entrepreneurship and deep knowledge of service at the level of operation of the front office department and maintenance of the hotel, to offer good services to receive the hotel, to provide related information in the area of the hotel, as well as to carry out the process of receiving visitors to enter and leave the hotel and other accommodation industry, to work as employers in the maintenance of the hotel, as well as other related parties such as the hotel and other facilities, such as the hotel and accommodation sector, to work as an employer in the maintenance of the hotel, as well as to work as an employer in the area of the hotel, as well as other parties who have access to the hotel, such as the hotel and other facilities, such as the hotel and the hotel, to work as an employer in the area of the hotel.

The Diploma II program consists of four areas for two years with the following courses:

  • Front office program for the Hotel.
  • Lar Maintenance Program, Environment, and Housekeeping.
  • Food and drink service program.
  • Food and beverage program

Labor Perspective

For students who have completed their studies at Diploma II at the Faculty of Hospital and Tourism, they can work as managers and entrepreneurs in the areas of customer service at the Hotel or restaurant in front of the office, housekeeping, food and beverage production, and food and drink service at the restaurant and banquet room.

Internal Cooperation

  1. Timor Plaza Hotel & Restaurant
  2. Excelcior Resort & Hotel
  3. Welzhang Cake
  4. Garden Beach Hotel & Resort
  5. Osteria Italiana Restaurant
  6. Brother Coffee
  7. Paderia Santa Bakery
  8. Kamesan Jepang Restaurant
  9. Beachside Hotel
  10. Timor Lodge Hotel
  11. PAPI Restaurant
  12. Fortuna Hotel
  13. Wasabie Restaurant
  14. Sky Restaurant


The classroom facilities on the IOB Campus, Bidau-Aikadiru, are:

  • 4 Classrooms.
  • 1 Library.
  • 2 Students' dormitories.
  • 1 Room for Teachers.
  • 1 Administration and Finance Room.
  • 2 laboratories for culinary art and Pastry.
  • 1 Food and Beverage Service Laboratory.
  • 6 toilets.
  • Parking Area.
Head of the Study Program

Antonio Jose Castro da Cunha, S.T.,M.M.