Computer Accounting - Bachelor degree

The Computer Accounting Study Program at a Higher Education Institution at the Institute of Business (IOB), which is at the level of study of the diploma (D3), aims to educate computer accounting professionals who are competent in the field of information technology. The Computer Accounting Study Program has been established in IOB since 2015 with a level of study of the TI (D3) diploma based on the Timor-Leste labor market. The program has also been approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture and has been assessed by the ANAAA (Agencia Nacional de Avaliação e Acreditação Académico).


"Professional, creative, and innovative"

  • Professional: always seeking knowledge and capacity to create an information system Audit.
  • Creative: in terms of creativity and design of information system accounting applications.
  • Innovative: Innovation can create Computer Accounting programming.


Transform and implement science learning into research and community service in the field of Computer Accounting.


  1. Carry out education in the field of computer accounting.
  2. Work with the Government and Private Institutions in the area of Computer Accounting.
  3. Increase the skills of science and knowledge in the field of Computer Accounting and the use of Information Technology in the fields of research and community service.


The objectives of the Computer Accounting Department are to:

  1. Produce professional graduates in the field of Computer Accounting as an Information System auditor.
  2. Produce and develop Science, Research, and Public Service in the area of Computer Accounting in accordance with the needs of the stakeholders.
  3. Have basic knowledge and mastery of programming languages to implement and design information system accounting applications.


  1. Students will finish the study within 3 years.
  2. A curriculum that is oriented to theory and practice.
  3. Produce a bachelor's degree with the following competencies:
  4. Knowledge.
  5. Skills.
  6. Attitude.

Program Learning Outcome (PLO)

  1. Soft Skills
  2. Innovative as well as working as a team and individual in accordance with their responsibilities.
  3. Good interpersonal communication, verbally and in writing, and on time in the work team.
  4. Leadership skills in the areas of Computer Accounting, Team relations, and organization.
  5. Professional Skills
  6. IT Accounting Officer.
  7. Accounting Base Information System.
  8. IT Accounting Staff.
Head of the Study Program

Teresinha Cardoso da Costa, S.Kom.,M.TI