Hospitality Management - 3-year Diploma

The Hospitality Management Study Program is a department based in the faculty of hospitality and tourism with a level of study in the diploma (D3). This department was established on November 10, 2018 with the Head of the Department, Ms. Isaura dos Santos. The department has registered with the ANAAA for the term of office of the head of staff from 2018 to 2021. As of July 10, 2021, Cecilia de Jesus was appointed head of the hospitality management department, taking office at the IOB Plaza, the fourth floor. The department was granted an operational license from ANAAA in July 2020. The Department of Hospitality Management was established with the aim of producing professional resources in the area of hospitality with the competence of the University of Hospitality Management.


Become an excellent study program with creative, proactive, and innovative management skills in hospitality with a high spirit of entrepreneurship.


In relation to the above vision, the hospitality management department comes with its own mission in accordance with the academic pillars as follows:

  1. Develop and carry out academic systems and processes that are easy, accessible, and inclusive for all;
  2. Implement the control system management system in a quality learning process with appropriate participation in the educational process;
  3. Develop and conduct research activities involving lecturers and students to find out the problems in the hotel area;
  4. Organize and implement community service programs to empower partners and communities generally in the field of hospitality management;
  5. Establish partnerships with strategic partners to improve the quality of the department's existence in Timor-Leste.


  1. To implement the academic system and processes of the department that are easy for students and everyone to access.
  2. To ensure the quality of the learning process at the department level, in accordance with the curriculum and the controlled management mechanisms
  3. To facilitate and guarantee the quality of research with pro-active student and lecturer participation in research activities organized by the department for IOB.
  4. To empower and raise awareness among students and lecturers to be pro-active in community service activities as an extracurricular department curriculum program
  5. To strengthen partnerships with partners to contribute to the existence of a stronger and stronger department in the education sector.


  1. Students will finish their studies within three years.
  2. Practical-oriented curriculum
  3. Produce a Bachelor's degree with the following competencies:
  • Knowledge or Skills
  • Ability
  • Attitude.

Program Learning Outcome (PLO)

  1. There are students at the department level who are satisfied because the academic service process is easier and faster.
  2. There are improved knowledge, skills, and behaviors based on quality learning and in accordance with the standard curriculum.
  3. There have been scientific works produced by students and lecturers through research reports, academic books and journals, and experimental products.
  4. There has been concrete action through initiatives and the awareness of students and lecturers to create partnerships with existing community groups and, in general,
  5. There are already partners who are satisfied with the presence of the department, which results in mutual benefits for them.

Head of the Study Program

Isabel Maria Barreto Ximenes,S.E.,MM