Informatics Engineering - Bachelor's degree

Informatics Engineering is a department that exists at the Institute of Business (IOB) with a bachelor's degree (S1).


The Department that forms the Informatics Community with a higher, inclusive, and humanist perspective, as well as being competent and competitive in the field of Informatics Engineering


  1. Organize quality education to produce qualified and competitive Informatics Engineering graduates in the professional market or to create jobs.
  2. Conduct research that is oriented towards the development of the science of Informatics Engineering.
  3. Use and develop innovative science and technology to contribute to the life of society and improve it.


Produce graduates who have the ability:

  1. To apply knowledge of science in the field of computing with the principle of software engineering to solve problems in information engineering.
  2. Develop a computer-based system solution consisting of software and hardware that uses the right resources related to economic, social, ethical, and environmental factors.
  3. Dominate science about changing current technology in the area of information systems and information technology that connects to hardware and software.
  4. Realize research and produce national and international publications in the areas of informatics technology, intelligence systems, application platform development, and software engineering, as well as providing good services to society to improve life.
  5. Think proactively about ICT, both at the national and international levels.
  6. Realize intensive and extensive cooperation with academic institutions, research, industry, and alumni to realize qualified learning processes.


  1. The students have the ability to master the fundamental concept of information and knows how to apply it to solve problems.
  2. The students are able to develop an application or small-level information system that is sufficient and large in the implementation of software engineering or an accurate information system.
  3. Students have a professional attitude and ethics that are based on educational values, morals, and nationalism.
Head of the Study Program

Gabriel Neves, S.Kom.,M.Kom.