Vision & Mission of IQA-IOB

Motto of IQA-IOB

The motto of IQA-IOB is “Excellence and Preference” means that the IQA must make sure that IOB really “gives the best to the learners”.

Vision of IQA-IOB

  1. The IQA-IOB must make sure that IOB must be “the dreaming center of excellence and preference” in the field of general management, finance management, accounting, development studies, as well as management and technical informatics of information and communication technology to participate in the development of the nation, especially to increase human resources of the country.
  2. The IQA-IOB must make sure that IOB can be accredited institutionally and programmatically 100% (category A) through assessment and accreditation by ANAAA.

Mission of IQA-IOB

The IQA-IOB must make sure that IOB must be able to implement the following mission to meet IOB’s vision of “the Centre of Excellence and Preference of Higher Education Institute in Timor-Leste:

  1. Bring into reality that IOB as the developer of economics and business and computer sciences.
  2. Dynamic growth of IOB as the excellent center for economics and computer science endeavors.
  3. To enhance the role of IOB in preparing human resources as the actor of economics and computer sciences.

Target / Goals of IQA-IOB

The target / goals of IQA are to make sure that IOB must be able to implement the following targets to meet IOB’s vision, mission and objective:

  1. Development of competent human resources in the field of management, accounting and businesses.
  2. To produce more competent human resources with full of knowledge, skills and profesionalism in management, accounting and businesses. 
  3. Science and management skills and business to be developed.
  4. Development of economics and computer science which are progressive based on societal economics.


Quality assurance refers to the policies, attitudes, actions and procedures necessary to ensure that quality is being maintained and enhanced. It requires actions internal to the institution, but may also involve actions of external bodies. It includes course design, staff development and the collection and use of feedback from candidates and employers. Quality assurance is also used as a general term to refer to the range of possible approaches to addressing concern for quality in higher education. (Based on the definition provided by the Australian University Quality Agency.


Initially there was no such quality control body and/or internal quality assurance for any higher learning institutions in Timor-Leste. However, there were vivid spirit and common consciousness of country father founders, national independent fighters and intellectual scholars to promptly establish education institutions as the only best solution to state building and national development. As such few higher learning institutions started emerge such as UNTL, UNDIL, MAULEAR, UNIMAR etc. As they appeared merely out of self-motivated initiation, some of those higher institutions must be terminated by evolution over time procession and not corresponded to market demanded environment. MAULEAR and UNIMAR were then disappeared and UNDIL splinted into UNDIL and UNPAZ. Some other new universities, institutes and academy come into existence and still four more will be established, yet some of them were given serious probation status due to the “question of quality assurance of institutional education and programs of study they offer”.        

For us, since East Timor Institute of Business (IOB) was established on 20th August 2002, the NAAAA as national assessment and accreditation agency for quality assurance of education system in Timor-Leste has been assessing and accrediting IOB twice in 2008 and 2015. The Internal Quality Assurance was simultaneously established in 2008 as corresponded to this assessment body and was initially named as Quality Control of IOB till 2015. By now onward (2016) it changes itself to Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) for internal quality admission, education and graduation services in IOB. The Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) has been closely working with IOB as academic operating body, FKM Foundation of IOB as Board of Managing Director, NAAAA as national assessment and accreditation for institutional accreditation and programmatic accreditation once in five years and annual assessment as well as the Ministry of Education of Timor-Leste as government body to ensure quality curriculum and syllabus, quality assessment of students, quality of teaching and teaching staff, quality of resources and student support, quality information system and quality public information.   


The Internal Quality Assurance of IOB has developed and promulgated a set of professional standards and policy guidelines under which internal audit functions operate. The Internal Quality Assurance of IOB is recognized as one of the IQA programs amongst 11 higher education institutions in Timor-Leste. Currently IQA-IOB is one of the taskforce developing quality assurance under supervision of the National Agency for Academic Assessment and Accreditation (NAAAA) Timor-Leste.