Hospitality and Turism

The Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism is one of the last-building faculty in the Institute of Business (IOB), after the Faculty of ICT and the Faculty of Economics and Business. Before establishing this faculty, the academics and Klibur Foundation staff conducted a feasibility study in Bali, Indonesia, and within this country. The conclusions of this feasibility study revealed that Timor-Leste has potential in the tourism industry but will encounter hurdles in human resource development to activate this sector and contribute to local economies. Based on these feasibility results, the Klibur Foundation and the Rectorate agreed to support and officially establish this faculty in November 2017 on Campus A, located at Rua Bidau.

This faculty has two departments: hospitality with D2-level studies and hospitality management with D3-level studies. After establishing the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism, the first dean of the faculty was Mr. Rui Felix Barreto Ximenes, L. Ec., M. Par., MM, serving from 2017 to 2021. However, following structural changes within the Institute of Business (IOB), especially changes in leadership roles, the faculty also underwent structural changes at both the faculty and department levels. Therefore, Ms. Roslina Lali Wuda, SE., MM, subsequently assumed the leadership position of dean of faculty on July 10, 2021, having previously served as the head of the Hospitality Management department.


"To be a faculty that embodies consciousness and a competitive, innovative, creative, and proactive spirit in the tourism and hospitality sector based on high morals and entrepreneurship spirit."


Based on this vision and how to achieve it, the faculty has set the following mission points:

  1. Conduct and develop an academic system and process that is easy, accessible, participatory, professional, and characterized by high vocation and dedication;
  2. Educate and produce competitive, professional, and innovative human resources in the field of hospitality and tourism to compete in the private, public, and cooperative sectors;
  3. Promote and develop the creativity of faculty and students to conduct quality research in the tourism and hospitality sectors appreciated by Timorese society;
  4. Educate and develop the mindset and consciousness of students to dedicate themselves to community and common interests.


To achieve the vision and mission, the faculty's objectives are defined to execute these missions responsibly and purposefully, as follows:

  1. Develop and operate an academic system and process that is easy, accessible, participatory, professional, and characterized by high vocation and dedication;
  2. Produce human resources with competitive, professional, and innovative skills in the field of Hospitality and Tourism to create employment opportunities and be ready to compete in various sectors such as private, public, and cooperative;
  3. Enhance and develop the creativity and knowledge of students, including faculty, to conduct research in the tourism and hospitality sector with quality and appreciation from the public.


  1. Students will graduate within two to three years;
  2. Curriculum with practical orientation;
  3. Produce graduates with competencies such as:
  4. Knowledge or capacity;
  5. Skills;
  6. Attitude.

Learning Program Outcome

Based on the mission and objectives, the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism (FHT) is expected to achieve the following results:

  1. Established an academic system and process that is easy, accessible, promotes student participation, and is appreciated by parents, partners, and the general community;
  2. Produced graduates who are involved in the job market and create jobs for others in the community with high-quality knowledge and skills;
  3. Enhanced knowledge and skills of faculty and students in research areas result in research publications within the faculty;
  4. Engaged in charitable, humanitarian, and community service activities closely benefiting the community as beneficiaries, garnering appreciation for faculty service.
Dean of the Faculty

Roslina Lali Wuda, S.E